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The Unmissable Benefits Of Assisted Stretching

Stretching is one of those activities we all understand the use of, but rarely put time into when we train by ourselves.

That’s why the notion of assisted stretching can seem foreign at first - what can stretching with a professional give you that you can’t do yourself if you put the time in?

The answer is shown in research. New findings support that assisted stretching does go further than what you can do by yourself, including offering several health benefits. If working out regularly is part of your fitness regimen, these are the unmissable benefits of assisted stretching you need to be aware of:

What Is Assisted Stretching?

An assisted stretch is a physical movement done with the help of a professional that is targeted at physical recovery and more. Experts are saying that stretching is a highly underrated part of fitness, and doing it with a qualified professional is a great way to learn how to do so safely.

It also has some health benefits that can boost your physical health. But what can they be? Let’s dive in below.

Improve Your Range Of Motion

As we get older it’s normal for our joint range of motion to decrease, especially if we’ve had to have surgery or other procedures done. This reduced ability to extend and contract our joints can impede our ability to take our training to the next level, or even to work out without pain.

Assisted stretching is an ideal solution in this case. Working with a professional ensures that you are not causing any further harm to your body, while also working on regaining your original range of motion. This will include working on the fluidity of your joints and stimulating their natural internal lubricants to reduce pain when moving.

Decrease Pain And Stiffness

The majority of us today lead stressful, sedentary lifestyles that cause us to live in a constant state of tension and that includes our muscles. That recurring pain in your neck or your back may just as well be due to stress, causing your muscles to ache during your day-to-day.

An assisted stretch with a professional can help you target these commonly-tense areas and carefully improve your posture. With time, this new posture will reduce the worst of your tension-based muscular pain.

Work On Your Stress Levels

Speaking of stress, it’s an epidemic. As humans, we’ve become used to living highly-strung lives that rarely allow us to slow down and take a break.

Assisted stretching works in conjunction with your breathing, something that has been proven to relax the mind when done regularly. Deep breathing paired with improvements in the body’s blood flow, oxygen levels, and muscle release is a good way to become aware of your stress levels and let go of them.

Become More Flexible

Working with a trainer to do assisted stretching regularly will help you maintain your flexibility while you age. As we get older, we spend less time working on our muscle coordination and balance, which can limit our mobility.

Doing assisted stretching often means that you are keeping your muscles looser and more engaged, leading to better joint and body range of motion as a whole. This also helps during the recovery period, ensuring that you can get back into the gym faster and with less pain.

Assisted Stretching Benefits With The Best

GYM SRQ personal trainers extend our mission statement to each and every client they work with. No matter what you are looking for, whether it be a little extra motivation to help you lose those last few pounds, expert guidance to get you to your fitness goals, specific training for your past/present injuries, or simply wanting a coach to help you live healthier and longer, our certified personal trainers are here for you.

We offer a complimentary 55-minute session, complete with assessment, for your first stretching session. All stretching sessions are made by appointment only.

Some of our preferred stretching techniques are: Static Stretching, Active Stretching, Assisted Stretching, PNF Stretching, Isometric Stretching, Dynamic Stretching, Active Isolated Stretching, Resistance, and Loaded Stretching. Our expert trainers will take you through every step.

Contact us today to arrange your first appointment!



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