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What We Do


Our trainers look at each client as an individual from head to toe. We personally design programs that are custom for you and that take into account your current fitness level, limitations, and long-term goals. 


The program designed by your trainer will be unique to you. Programs will include strength and conditioning, functional movement, flexibility, and a little sweat. Our mission is to motivate you to achieve the very best version of yourself that result in lasting changes and overall good health.


Grab a friend, co-worker, or spouse to work on your fitness goals together. 


Each person is evaluated individually and session time is shared, but the work is nevertheless rewarding. 


Just like one-to-one training, all the core fitness components will be part of the plan. 


Age has its' privileges, but also its' challenges.  The best way to aging gracefully is to move more often and become agile. By adding strength work with weights, balance drills, stretches, and mobility work, you will not only enhance your health, but can enhance your day-to-day life.


After a complete assessment, your trainer will help you set goals, will implement a core fitness plan, and gracefully lead you down the path of quality living as an Aging Elite.


Movement for sport is specific to you - and your conditioning program should be just as focused. 


The two main purposes in a sports conditioning program is to improve your body’s movement patterns and prevent injury. 


Sessions will incorporate strength, flexibility, and sport-specific movements to grow your strength to the best level athlete.


While every workout with us does end in an assisted stretching session, this specialty service is designed for clients who are recovering from injury, surgery, or other medical disorders. 


We coordinate with your physician or physical therapist to ensure that the proper protocols are followed to help you achieve a full recovery and move into a more progressive fitness program. 

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