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The Best Sports for Seniors Practicing Active Aging

Active aging is incredibly important, especially as bone density and susceptibility to falls changes as we age. Health and fitness aren’t just about intense workouts, active aging is about optimal health as you mature. So in addition to what you do with your personal trainer in the gym, we wanted to share some other ways to maintain an active lifestyle.

Experts agree seniors should be active to avoid falling. It is possible to improve your physical condition by doing simple, low-impact exercises that increase strength, flexibility, balance, and stability. These are some exercises that will help you in your golden years, and are best performed with the help of a fitness professional. Make sure to get in touch with a personal trainer before attempting a new strength and conditioning program.


Walking at a steady pace is enough for most seniors. However, brisk walking is better for strengthening the legs and giving the heart a boost. Walking is easy, convenient and can help you get out of the house during the pandemic. Please do not attempt an intense pace or jogging without first consulting with a personal trainer for one to one training.


Yoga is an ancient Indian practice anyone can do, even seniors. Many seniors often complain of stiff joints and yoga routines can help increase flexibility, range of motion and balance. One of the many options for older people is chair yoga. This uses the chair as a prop and can help you ease into more rigorous yoga practice.


Pickleball is an excellent low-impact sport for seniors who have greater agility. It combines elements from tennis, badminton, and table tennis. This sport is active and dynamic, which increases endurance. However, unlike tennis, the court size is smaller, so seniors don't have to worry about becoming too tired.

Walking Soccer

Walking soccer proves that seniors don't have to be restricted from participating in team sports. Walking soccer is for those who cannot run. It originated in the UK but many athletes across the world are now participating in the sport. It was the first city to host a league. It is similar to traditional football and aims at strengthening strength and balance. Its social component can also be very helpful for seniors who are struggling with isolation.

Swimming or Water Aerobics

Because of the water's buoyancy, swimming is a great cardiovascular exercise for arthritis patients. The body is virtually weightless when it is immersed in water. This makes swimming a low-impact exercise. Senior citizens will find an instructor in many aquafit classes. It is great for improving aerobic endurance and muscle strength to help seniors stay on their feet.

Are you struggling to find a fitness regimen that works for you? Get in touch with us today for personalized, expert guidance.



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