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Should You Join A Dedicated Fitness Program For Women?

It’s no secret that joining a fitness program is good for your health, no matter who you are. What does matter however is that men and women can have very different goals and needs when it comes to fitness and health. This means it can be tough to find a solution that works easily for both.

When it comes to working out, women tend to be more focused on shape and tone, while men prefer to focus on building lean muscle. They use exercise as a way to boost their overall well-being, not just by losing weight but also to:

  • Improve their mental health

  • Enhance their skin

  • Better sleeping patterns

  • And more

Now, to get to the reason why you opened this article. Is it better to join a dedicated fitness program for women, or even work with a female trainer over doing unisex workouts? We look at the benefits and disadvantages below:

The Benefits Of Female-Centric Training

As mentioned, there are multiple different benefits to choosing female-first workouts. Take a look in more detail:

Training That Meets You At Your Life Stage

Women’s needs change over their lifetime. Certain health factors like pregnancy or menopause could affect your body and how you train.

Choosing a fitness program for women or a female trainer means you’re going to get options that will meet you where you are.

Workout With Other, Likeminded Women

One of the major reasons many women hesitate to join a gym is because they are worried about judgment or unwelcome attention from men. Working out with a female trainer or doing a female-centric fitness class will put you in a judgment-free zone where you can work on your goals without worry of intimidation.

Exercises Geared At The Female Shape

When it comes to fitness and health, men tend to lean towards weight training or other strength building and cardio activities - focusing especially on their arms and upper body.

For women, even those who enjoy weight training, there is a need to add more exercises for the lower body, particularly the glutes and thighs. Working with a female-focused trainer or fitness class is a surefire way to know you are targeting the right areas.

A Holistic Community

Many female-first fitness programs are a great way for women to build new friendships and community. Outside of school or the office, it can be difficult for women to make new friends and connections - training with female trainers or in a women-only class can help establish these relationships.

The Drawbacks Of Female-Centric Training

Like all things, there are a few disadvantages to training in environments made only for women. You’ll need to look at the potential drawbacks and see if they are enough to dissuade you from this approach.

The Classes Could Be More Limited

If you’re a lady that loves pumping good old-fashioned iron, you might find the classes on offer for women specifically to be centered more towards the yoga and pilates stratospheres. More class options are likely to be available at a unisex gym or class.

There Could Be More Pressure To Perform

We like to think of a women’s only space as a realm of happiness and rainbows, but the truth is that it can also get competitive, and a bit judgmental at times. Some women find that a unisex class or fitness program is actually less pressured than being in an all-female environment.

Finding The Right Fitness And Health Solution In Sarasota, FL

Every person is unique, and so are their needs - that’s why SRQ Health and Fitness Studio believes in training that is not one size fits all. Say goodbye to intimidating group workouts and one-size-fits-all approaches to fitness.

Our trainers take a true personal interest in developing relationships with our clients to fully understand their goals and needs, so they can deliver a unique and customized workout program. No matter where you’re at in your journey or what fears you may have, we can help you to achieve your goals in a professional and judgment-free zone.

At SRQ Health and Fitness Studio, our mission is centered around you, and the personalized attention you receive is second to none. Get started today by contacting us here.



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