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Does Arctic Cryotherapy Help You Train Better?

Arctic cryotherapy: it has been lauded by athletes and fitness professionals alike as a way to get additional oomph out of their training but does it really work? And can it help you train better at the gym?

Cryotherapy, or cold therapy, is a process of subjecting your body to low or freezing temperatures in order to draw on a variety of health benefits. Cryotherapy typically involves you standing in a cooling chamber for a few minutes while the temperature drops to 200–300°F.

On paper it might seem crazy, but what does the science say? Is this a faster way to reach a pique physique? We dive deeper into the facts behind arctic cryotherapy versus traditional gym training below:

What Are The Benefits Of Arctic Cryotherapy?

Along with the science, it’s important to know what the supposed benefits of arctic cryotherapy are. Lovers of this practice have stated that they draw some of the following advantages from cold therapy:

  • Soothes nerve, neck, and migraine pain

  • Reduced muscle stiffness and inflammation

  • Boosts blood circulation and caloric burn rate

  • Increases collagen production

Other claims include that arctic cryotherapy can help with insomnia and stress and that it might even hold further health benefits for your immune system.

What Does Science Say?

Now, to get to the core of the issue. Does arctic cryotherapy really work as well as having a consistent gym schedule? Well, science has long been aware of the benefits of cold when it comes to pain and inflammation, and the data to prove it is growing.

Some studies have found that arctic cryotherapy supports rehabilitation in sports injury and that when used in conjunction with other exercises and treatments can boost longer-term performance. Athletes that regularly make use of arctic cryotherapy have less downtime after training than non-cryotherapy practicing individuals.

There are also medical benefits to be had from getting regular arctic cryotherapy. Research suggests that cold therapy can prove useful for those who suffer from arthritis.

How Often Do You Need To Do Arctic Cryotherapy To Get Results?

Now at the crux of the issue is the question of whether this treatment can complement your existing gym routine.

One of the issues with arctic cryotherapy is that it's unlikely to show results over the long term if you're not training or exercising regularly. This type of treatment also needs to be done multiple times a week which can work out to be very expensive.

Athletes, for example, can do as many as five or more of these treatments a week along with their regular intensive workout schedule.

The key is that there are no real shortcuts when it comes to the body. If you're interested in this type of treatment you can use it as a way to ease inflammation at best, but the effects can easily be replicated at home with a cold shower or ice bath plunge!

Real Workouts, Real Results

If you're looking for arctic cryotherapy as an option in Sarasota, just remember that you need to keep the workout part going too if you want to get top performance out of your body.

With SQR Health & Fitness Studio in Sarasota, we're passionate about working one on one with you to help you develop the skills you need to keep your body in shape indefinitely.



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