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8 Steps to Finding the Best Personal Trainer in Sarasota

It can be overwhelming to stick to your fitness goals in general, let alone know where to start when you're looking for the best personal trainer in Sarasota. Luckily, we've put together an 8 Step Guide to help you suss out your options.


Ask the Personal Trainer about Certifications

Ask prospective trainers about their professional certifications, experience, and training. It is important to hire a qualified personal trainer for a safe and enjoyable experience, but also so you can get the intended results that you're looking for. SRQ Health & Fitness Studio also suggests asking potential trainers if they have any degrees in health and fitness.


Find if the Results You Want are What your Personal Trainer Can Deliver

Ask your personal trainer how they can help you achieve the results you're looking for. Many of our clients are looking to lose weight, gain strength, build cardiovascular endurance, be more flexible and limber, feel happier, and improve their mood. Before you even meet in person, let potential personal trainers know what you're hoping to achieve.

Setting the expectation can better help you and your personal trainer set goals. Do you want to look good for your wedding? Are you looking to lose weight for your high school reunion? Are you required to lower your blood pressure, per doctor's orders? Tell a potential personal trainer how and why you want to get to where you want to be to determine if it's the right fit.


Learn What your Personal Trainer's Specialties Are

Look for a personal trainer who has expertise in one or more areas that differ from just the standard personal training certification. Ask potential personal trainers what kind of clients they work with.

A trainer who is focused on weightlifting competitions may not be the right fit for you if your goal is to build long, lean muscles, or simply to strengthen your balance and flexibility. Personal training should not be a one-size-fits-all and that is our philosophy, learn more about the types of personal training we offer by clicking here.


Ask the Personal Trainer's Client Successes

As previously stated, it is vitally important to find a personal trainer who will help you achieve the results that you looking for. Recent client experiences are the best evidence of how they can be a successful fit for you and your fitness goals.

Start by asking the personal trainer for their success stories. This will give you an opportunity to get to know the personal trainer's methods. You can also look online for testimonials or ask for references from the trainer.


Ask About the Personal Training Fees

The most expensive does not automatically mean they are the best personal trainer in Sarasota. So ask questions about fees and whether pricing will changed or remain the same after signing up. It's always a good idea that you inquire about future pricing so that you're not caught off guard with sneaky add-on fees.

Many personal trainers offer incentives to sign up, but these rates could be subject to future increases in rates. Before you sign the dotted line, make sure you understand what you are agreeing to. SRQ Health & Fitness Studio has straight forward pricing that bills month-to-month with no hidden fees or contracts.


Ask About your Specific Conditions and if Your Personal Trainer can Accommodate Them

Potential trainers should always be aware of any injuries or health issues you may have during the interview process. If you have back issues, let them know. Sitting at a desk for long periods of time can cause pain or problems in the back that need to be taken into account when looking for the best personal trainer in Sarasota.

Everyone has certain limitations and those need to be said out loud ahead of time. Talking about what's really happening with your body is not a way to make it worse or create new problems, but rather a way to ensure that you're training in the safest way possible for your body. The only way to achieve your goals is to do it safely and effectively.


Ask About Nutrition and Meal Planning

This is a tough one for sure, and arguably one of the most important elements in achieving the results you're looking for. If you don't get proper nutrition, all the hard work in this world won't make a difference. When sussing out the best personal trainers in Sarasota, discuss how they handle meal plans.

Some studios don't offer meal planning as a service, but all good personal trainers should be able to provide you with the resources to set you up for success. To ensure the best results, it is important to find someone who can confidently recommend the right amount of protein, carbs, and fats that best suit your body weight, type, and goals.


Get Ready for The First Personal Training Session

Before meeting your personal trainer for the first time, be sure to get a good night of sleep. For energy, eat simple carbs like bananas or strawberries before meeting with your personal trainer. A first session can often be a brief introduction to the potential of what regular sessions will look like.

Your personal trainer should spend time getting to know you, your current lifestyle, and any conditions or limitations. The best way to set yourself up for success on your first day would be to show up smiling, ready to work and to have a lot of fun.

Ask yourself whether you feel comfortable with the personal trainer, and if they have the expertise you need. If you put in the work to ask the right questions, not only will you will find someone who you like, you're like to find the best personal trainer in Sarasota for you and your needs.

Although physical fitness and working toward your goals can be difficult at times, it should also be fun. So be sure to find a personal trainer who will hold you accountable and who is able to live by what they say, in terms of fitness. We're here to help set you up for success and bring you into the fold of our fitness family. Reach out today for a free consult: (941) 924-7117



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