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Why Personal Training Is Necessary for Aging Adults

Health and fitness magazines have been gravitating more and more to training modifications for aging adults, with there being 2 billion more people aged 60 and older by 2050. Many fitness professionals have already sought out older populations too because of how rewarding it is to see how an aging elite training program can make a big difference.

These clients can see significant increases in functional ability and health with an aging elite exercise program. Many personal trainers consider this category more important than aesthetics or sports performance because of its ability to positively impact long-term health.

Seniors who want more independence, functional mobility, and greater health and stability for daily living are seeking out personal training as a way to improve their health, flexibility, longevity and to better assist in aging elite.

This specialized, personalized form of personal training addresses many physical declines that occur with aging elite such as loss of balance, strength, coordination, and endurance, that leads to a lower quality of life. Personal training for seniors is effective at helping aging adults improve their health and fitness.

One might think that senior personal training is easier than personal training. This is a common misconception, as personal training is tailored to different needs and limitations. Senior-focused training and aging elite programs must consider common issues such as joint pain, general joint safety, and joint health.

We are often told that certain exercises or training variables should be avoided for clients older than the norm. It implies that older clients are by default limited in some manner. Both are false.

How does programming for older people differ from the usual approach?

It shouldn't. That is the short answer. Personal trainers that are great at working with clients, regardless of their chronological age, can meet them where they are and help them improve their lifestyle and functional ability to achieve their health and fitness goals.

This requires us to shift our thinking from "age-based program design" to "capacity based" programming. Although this may sound like an easy change, it is important to understand why it is important - and how it applies to those we serve in the aging elite category.

When seniors have less flexibility, balance, strength, or endurance, it is easy to get discouraged. While it might seem too risky to exercise at home or alone, working with a local personal trainer can help mitigate these risks.

A personal trainer that specializes in senior fitness and aging elite is a great resource. Confidence can be built by having a professional fitness trainer guide you through safe exercises.

There are many options available for seniors to take part in a personal training program that suits their needs. A boutique gym or fitness studio like SRQ Health & Fitness Studio that caters to seniors might be a great choice, but if you’d like privacy, you can always opt for one-to-one personal training.

One-to-one personal training programs for seniors are gaining popularity. Research continues to find that a well-planned, progressive aging elite exercise program can lead to dramatic improvements in strength, balance, confidence and the ability to live independently in seniors from 50 to 80 and beyond.

Are you looking for personal training to help maintain and improve your health as you age? Get in touch with us today.



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