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Which Exercise Burns The Most Calories?

When it comes to fitness and truly getting lean, it’s all about calories in versus calories out. Abs truly are made in the kitchen. At the same time, there are some exercises that you can do that will help you burn additional calories - but not all exercises offer the same amount of calorie-burning power.

So with that said, which exercise burns the most calories? We break it down in this article:


One of the best ways to burn a big amount of calories in a small amount of time is to take up running. What makes it even better is that running has a low barrier to entry, requires nothing other than a good pair of running shoes and you can literally start today.

Running, in general, is estimated to burn 100 calories per mile you run although there will be some variation here based on your body weight and other environmental factors.

This form of cardiovascular exercise also has other incredible health benefits. Going for a run regularly helps lower your blood pressure, decreases your cholesterol and risk of heart disease and it’s a great mental health booster.

As long as you ease into it and build it up like a skill, running is a good way to burn calories.


Unfortunately, many of us are counted out of running due to existing injuries or health conditions. In this case, swimming is a great, low-impact alternative.

Swimming offers a similar calorie-burning potential to running. It’s estimated that half an hour of swimming burns nearly as many calories as thirty minutes of running. While burning the same amount of calories, swimming is also less likely to impact your joints.

Swimming has other health advantages such as helping you gain muscle strength, improving your blood circulation and building up your lung capacity.


Cycling is another great cardiovascular exercise that can burn a lot of calories quickly. Experts estimate that cycling for just thirty minutes helps you burn over a hundred calories. Try it once and you might be surprised at the full-body workout you get!

Similar to swimming, cycling offers a lower impact on the joints than running which makes it a suitable exercise for people with mobility issues or injuries. Cycling can help you to build more strength and stamina while allowing you to work up the intensity at a steady pace.

Fast Walks

It’s like running, but without the major pressure that comes from jogging or sprinting. Walking at a moderate or fast pace can still be a really effective way to get in your cardio.

This form of cardio can burn just over ninety calories for every half an hour you walk, but it also has other advantages beyond helping you burn off weight.

Walking is a great excuse to get out of the house, explore your local neighborhood, and boost your mood.

There are also ways to increase the intensity of your walks. If you’re doing your fast walks on a treadmill, for example, you can take it to the next level by holding small dumbbells while you walk.

Weight And Functional Training

Your next best option for burning a whole lot of calories is to take up weight training or functional training. These workouts typically take place in a gym environment and focus on building up your strength and stamina while helping you to lose weight.

This type of training will put cardio-type exercises between sets of weights and some of the other machines commonly used for training. Working with weights or doing functional training can burn just under ninety calories for every thirty minutes you train.

There are a few advantages to this type of training - you get the option to work with a professional trainer that can assist you with specific concerns and even guide you with a meal plan.

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