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Benefits of Active Aging

You’ve probably heard someone say that aches and pains are just a part of getting older; you may have even said it yourself, but these kinds of statements are more myth than fact. Improving your health and fitness later in life is possible, even if you haven't prioritized it before.

Age itself isn't a factor in health and fitness - it’s all about how active you are. SRQ Health and Fitness Studio can help turn around your health at any age, as long as you stay consistent. So never say it’s too late to get started - we all have a lot more power in the daily choices that we make and the habits we adopt and maintain throughout our lives.

Making health and fitness a lifestyle includes a combination of aerobic, muscular strength, and flexibility exercises. Participating in these activities can even decrease the chances of certain diseases, slow muscle tissue loss, and improve your daily life.

Physical activity, like aerobic exercise, can lower and control blood pressure, help lower cholesterol levels, and prevent atherosclerotic build up in your arteries. What's more, reducing the stress on your heart can decrease your chances of heart-related health issues.

As you age, your brain also changes; there is a decrease in brain weight, size, and blood supply. You can also experience memory loss, decreased mental acuity and spatial awareness, as well as balance issues. Age affects your brain no matter what, but health and fitness later in life can significantly slow the rate of cognitive dysfunction.

Health and fitness can also improve memory, enhance the brain’s blood flow, act as a natural anti-depressant and stress reliever, not to mention improve your focus.

When it comes to your health and fitness, it will always be the primary key to living well throughout the duration your life. We can’t stop or reverse the natural aging process, but we can slow it down and give more quality to your later years of life.

It will never be too late to start making health and fitness a priority to better your future.

The earlier you start, the better, so start today.



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