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5 Ways To Stick to Your New Year Health and Fitness Goals

I think it's a well known fact that many of us have health and fitness goals that we'd like to achieve in the new year, but now, two months in, how is it going with keeping up with those New Years resolutions?

Even if things didn't go as planned, each New Year offers an opportunity to reassess your goals - and even more importantly, 365 days in between. This is the purpose of resolutions, but setting goals isn't just reserved for the first day of a new year.

Don't be ashamed of how your resolution goals have gone thus far, as only 8 percent of us have actually kept up with what we set out to do. It can be difficult to maintain the momentum for sure, so we've put together a quick list of five items to help keep you on track for the long-haul so that you can ultimately crush those health and fitness goals in 2022.

We asked our expert personal trainers to suggest a few hacks that can be used to keep up with those health and fitness goals through the entirety of the year. Because if you have a plan to help you stay focused on the goals that you've set, then you're far more likely to succeed in making yourself happier and healthier when times get hard.

1. Take a Fitness Test for Future Reference [to Measure your Growth]

Even if you aren't naturally competitive, a fitness test can inspire anyone to do their best. A test to show where you're starting out is the best measurement for how far you've come one month later, three months later, six months, and so on.

If your ultimate goal is to maintain those long-term health and fitness goals, this is a great way to keep you motivated to push further because you will see actual results in the numbers and times you pull in. Hard numbers can help to motivate you to stick to a long-term, strategic personal training program.

2. Choose an Accountability Partner [in Addition to Your Personal Trainer]

An accountability partner can be a workout buddy, or even just a friend you check in with on the regular who knows your goals and can call you out when you're slacking. Your personal trainer or coach is an awesome accountability partner too, but it does help to have at least one more person who knows you and what you're hoping to achieve so that you feel that added pressure of not wanting to let them down (if letting yourself down isn't enough).

An accountability partner can keep you motivated all year long, which absolutely helps to keep those long-term health and fitness goals. Plus, if you want to really kick it up a notch - according to the experts having a regular buddy for workouts will help you achieve your health and fitness goals by 95%.

That said, you should choose someone who is not willing to accept excuses or give you a pass if you aren't feeling up to going to the gym. Accountability does not equal "only if you're really feeling up to it," so be sure to choose wisely.

3. Find Motivation in Small Wins - Set Monthly Mini-Goals

It's good to set bigger, end-game kind of health and fitness goals, and that's what this whole article is about. however, to keep yourself motivated throughout the year, you should set smaller, specific monthly goals. This way, you will be able to celebrate those small successes and your incremental progress which can motivate you to work towards that larger goal.

For example, if you are trying to lose 30 pounds as your long-term goal, then try breaking it down into three to five pounds each month, and celebrate those milestones. If building more strength is your ultimate goal, then set new PR goals each month that increase in weight a little at a time, until you're able to eventually lift that goal weight.

4. Take On an Unexpected Workout Challenge

If you are comfortable with your regular routine, it can become tedious and tiring, so ask your personal trainer to help you mix it up or if there are any studio held health and fitness challenges you can participate in to keep things fresh and you striving to keep up your overall health and fitness goals.

It is important to change up your plans every once in a while so that you can move forward in your personal training goals. Remember that you don't have to stop at just those basic levels, and that you actually should push yourself in new ways so your commitment doesn't get stale.

5. Selfies are The Key to Success

You don't need a scale to track your progress, in fact, be sure not to weigh yourself everyday - set a specific day every week and only weigh yourself then. You want to know what else can really help? Yep, progress photos. This will allow you to see the true changes your body is making, rather than just relying on the numbers on the scale.

You can share your progress pictures on social networks, if you feel brave enough, which can also help motivate and encourage you to keep pushing forward. Studies have shown that people who shared their progress pictures via social media, actually lost more weight than those who kept their results private - how's that for motivation?

The expert personal trainers at SRQ Health and Fitness Studio are here to help you knock all these milestone items off your list, one by one. It is just as much our priority as it is yours that you achieve your health and fitness goals for the year. Let's chat about how we can best set you up for success.



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