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5 Ways Stretching Improves Your Health and Fitness

How long has it been since you've worked on mobility? If it's been awhile, now is a great time to incorporate stretching in your health and fitness routine. If you add stretching into your regular routine in just a few short weeks, you will be able to move more easily, safely, and complete household and daily tasks with more ease. According to studies on health and fitness, stretching may even help you live longer.

Cardio, strength, and resistance training aren’t the only types of workouts that can improve your overall health and fitness. You don’t have to only take part in intense cardio or strength training to improve your overall physical fitness - though if you do these types of workouts, stretching can complement your fitness results.

Regular stretching can provide many health benefits. Although most people are aware that stretching is essential before any physical activity, it is equally important to your health and fitness to stretch every day, regardless of whether you do physical activity.

Not sure how regular stretching can benefit your overall health and fitness? Well, stretching regularly can help improve your flexibility, which is a key factor in fitness. It can also improve your posture, reduce stress, and relieve body aches.

Continue reading for more on our five tips on how stretching regularly can improve your overall health and fitness.

1. Correct poor posture

Poor posture can greatly be improved by stretching. Tightening of the hips, lower back, and chest muscles can lead to poor posture. Most people spend at least part of their day (if not the majority of it) looking at computers or using tablets or phones.

Poor posture is evident in the forward-looking position (rounded shoulders, forward head) that is common with these activities. This can be improved by stretching the pectoralis and upper trapezius as well as the hamstring muscles.

Taking time away from the screen and your desk each day is always recommended. Try fitting stretching into your breaks, on a regular basis, to begin a stretching routine gradually and to improve your health and fitness for the longterm.

2. Improve range of motion

Stretching can increase your range of motion and help to prevent loss of range. You can combat longterm loss in your range of motion by stretching regularly. Even if some of your joints are restricted in motion, stretching can improve it.

Are you dealing with stiffness and discomfort throughout the day? To improve both your health and fitness and your range of motion, stretching is a low-impact way to get short and long term relief.

3. Stretching can reduce back pain

Back pain is often a sign of poor posture. Poor posture can cause pain in the lower back and upper back. The lower back can also develop pain if it is tight in the hamstrings and hip flexors. Back pain can be reduced by stretching the legs and posture muscles.

4. Stretching can prevent injury

A muscle can become torn or strained if it is stretched too much. The likelihood of injuring a muscle decreases if you stretch it and increase its range of motion before engaging in strenuous activity.

Stretching before you do any physical activity can help your health and fitness by preventing injury. It increases blood flow, warms the muscles, and decreases tightness to prevent strains or tears.

5. Stretching can reduce muscle soreness

Stretching can be helpful for sore muscles or muscle groups from a recent workout or from muscle strain. Muscles around injury sites often tighten as a protective mechanism. Pain and soreness can often be relieved by stretching tight muscles.

Do you need more guidance on ways you can improve your health and fitness goals by working regular stretching into your routine? Contact our team today.



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