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3 Major Benefits of a Boutique Private Studio vs. A Big Box Gym

Sometimes the first instinct when it comes to choosing a gym is to research big box gyms and see which one comes closest to meeting your needs. But with big box gyms also come expensive membership fees, tricky contracts, crowded facilities, extra pricing for classes or personal training, the list goes on and on.

In contrast to that long list of "cons" comes all the great reasons [or "pros," if you will] why private boutique fitness studios are becoming the preferred way of working out. With a huge variety of equipment and expert personal trainers, that's just the tip of the iceberg. There's so many benefits we want to share, and we were able to write them all into 3 major categories.

1. More Privacy -

Privacy in a gym setting is a big time benefit for a number of reasons, one of them being social distancing and the ability to workout while staying safe, healthy, and without worry. Feeling confident about where you're working out also means for better workouts overall.

Having private, one-on-one personalized attention with your dedicated personal trainer means that both you and your trainer can focus on the workout and your fitness goals without distraction, and without feeling like you're competing with anyone other than yourself.

2. Smaller Crowds -

Smaller crowds and limiting the number of clients per time slot means for a much cleaner and sanitized facility, giving the personal trainers and staff members more time to wipe down equipment between each and every use.

One thing we hear a lot of from our clients when it comes to smaller crowds in our boutique fitness studio is that it feels so much less Intimidating to them. How many times have you used a machine next to someone who looks like the Hulk and then all at once you feel like you may not even be doing the exercise you're working on correctly? No gym-timidation with us.

Our boutique fitness studio couldn't be more proud of our inviting and friendly atmosphere, not just from our expert personal trainers, but from all our clients, too. We're more of an involved community of health enthusiasts than the standard big box gym who just scans your keycard as you walk in, never even knowing what your name is. 

3. Exclusive Client Perks -

SRQ Health & Fitness Studio has a whole host of exclusive client perks that you could only find in a smaller, boutique style fitness studio, such as: no membership fees, yearly gym fees, or sneaky hidden fees - you pay as you go, buying the sessions you need, on the schedule that works best for you.

Our boutique fitness studio is also contract free. That's right, because you buy a specific number of personal training sessions you never have to worry about your credit card being automatically charged monthly for a minimum of 12 months like with most big box gyms.

Right now SRQ Health & Fitness Studio is running an exclusive promotion: when you refer a friend to us and they use our personal training services, you get two FREE sessions added to your account! You read that right, two free personal training sessions! Click here to learn more about this limited offer.



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