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How Many Fitness Components Are There And Why Do They Matter?

When it comes to fitness, we’re all different. We have different body types, different goals, and even different genetic make-ups. So how do trainers and other fitness experts measure our fitness if there is so much variation between us?

The answer is that there are several fitness components that are used to judge our physical fitness - it’s not just about big muscles or sleek curves. It’s about being the best version of yourself that you can be.

So how many fitness components are there and how do they apply to you and your fitness journey?

The Five Fitness Components And Your Physical Health

The fitness community has established the five components of fitness as a way to measure your physical health. We’re breaking down the five fitness components and how they apply to you below:

Muscular Strength

Muscular strength is the first of the five fitness components, and no it does not refer to the size of your muscles. Your muscular strength is all about your internal power - the one that helps you to lift or carry heavy objects and keep up with the demands of the world.

When testing your muscular strength, you can expect to be assessed on things like your push and pull muscles, so expect a few pushups and other basic exercises at your first visit. From that point on, your trainer will combine weights in varying ranges and some machines to help you build up strength safely.


After muscular strength, there is the fitness component of flexibility. This aspect of fitness is commonly overlooked, but without it, you’d find strength and even cardio training more difficult. Flexibility means our range of motion does not cause pain or excessive stiffness.

When checking your flexibility, your trainer will likely ask you to do a few stretches such as trying to touch your toes while seated and leaning forward towards your feet.

Cardio Endurance

Your cardiovascular endurance is the next fitness component you’ll work on. This refers to your ability to do work that pushes your cardiovascular system to perform for set time periods. The key parts of this system include the lungs and heart, so you can expect these to be boosted by endurance-based activities.

During your fitness assessment, your trainer will ask you to do a cardio activity such as jogging for several minutes on a treadmill or doing steps in a similar format to see where your cardio fitness is at.

Muscular Endurance

Just like endurance is essential to your heart and lung health, it’s also important to your muscles. When working on your muscular fitness, your muscles will contract and expand for set time periods or sets. When you start to push up the amount of time or sets, you start to tap into your muscular endurance.

You’ll likely find that while you aren’t expressly told you are being tested for muscular endurance your trainer will be paying close attention and steadily boosting the numbers based on how well you are doing.

Body Fat Composition

This is the fitness component that scares people the most - the part where they check your body fat makeup. Before you let it put you off, let’s look into the why.

Your body fat composition refers to how much of your physical weight is made up of fat versus how much is muscle or bone. Now, we need to differentiate between healthy fat and fat that is bad for your health. Some fats are essential and actually protect your organs from harm, but others can be bad for your heart and longevity.

Scientists recommend that men have a body fat composition range of 18-24% while women should target a range of 21-31%.

Getting Help With All 5 Fitness Components In Sarasota, FL

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